Welcome to ELLEZIBA

Elleziba provide loads of benefits for both freelance makeup artists and the clients looking for a makeup services. It connects the freelance MUAs with the clients on the look for freelance makeup services. This revolutionary platform make the communication and delivery of services extremely hassle-free, so that clients can enjoy the pampering at their own convenience and freelance artists can flourish by getting more bookings and constantly growing portfolio.

The Freelancing Concept - How Elleziba Helps?

The Artist

Freelancing gives you more control over the rungs that you climb and what that ladder looks like. It offers a lot of freedom and flexibility that a regular desk job can’t. Since you mostly get to choose the type of work you do, who you collaborate with, what time of the day you work and for how long at a time, the location you work from and the volume of work you take on, you’re able to make choices that suit your individual strengths and needs. Elleziba helps you enjoy all these perks and let customers contact you without you being searching for work.

Be your own BOSS – Do things your own way - You know what you like to do, and what you do best, but when you’re working for someone else, none of this matters that much to your supervisor. When you’re a freelancer, you’re the one in charge of the assignments you accept—you get to build the career that you want. Sure, at times you may end up working on projects you’re not that interested in, in order to have work during the downtimes, but that’s a choice that you get to make as a freelancer. Unlike an employee, you have the freedom of full control over the work you take on, and for whom you work.

Your work speaks – Rather than being recognized as a salon's worker or representative, you get to enjoy the recognition that you'll get. Like people will know you by your name and give you credits for what you will deliver. You can showcase a set of your skills and interests so that clients can directly contact you and they will be sure that you are capable of delivering the services they are looking for.

Enjoy flexibility – For many people, working nine-to-five is simply not acceptable. As a freelancer, you can work more flexibly and schedule your free time to live your life more fully. Haven’t seen your college friend in years, and you find out she’s in town for one day next week? You can easily schedule a nice, long lunch with her as you control when you want to work and when you don't. And what about medical and dental appointments? You can easily schedule them too during non-busy times of the work day.

Get paid instantly – No need to wait for your superiors to pay you weekly or monthly. When you're your own boss, you will get the rewards instantly. Just provide the best quality for your clients and enjoy the perks there and then.

Focus on your skills and interests – When you work for your own you get to concentrate on what you like, rather than being instructed by someone to do something you don't have your heart in. And when you'll work what you love, you'll ultimately love your work. The result will automatically be fruitful. It's no rocket science! RIGHT?

More income potential – You’ll be able to charge what your work is worth, and you get to pocket all the profit after your expenses are paid. Your income isn’t capped by your hourly or salaried rate, either. The more you find new clients and deliver services, the more potential you have for making income.

The Client

No more parlour visits - Get beautified at the comfort of your home – We understand that you have a very busy life. You don't have time for long beauty sessions and on top of that you need to travel to them; WOH! Who have this much of time? Inspite of that, you still need to look beautiful and fresh at all times. Having a freelance makeup artists come to your place and give you the services you want, is what you need right now.

More economic – Salons usually charge you more for their setup rather than their services. On the other hand, a freelance makeup artist will be charging only for the services he/she is delivering. Thus, it makes them more affordable and economic. Afterall, why do you have to pay a part in their electricity bills?

No more waiting for appointments – Most of the salons don't entertain last minute appointments. In such a case, you can easily hire a freelance MUA, who will come to your location at your specified timings and will deliver what you're wishing for.

Select your own timings – When you hire a freelancer, you get total control of the timings. Suppose, you need to get ready for a morning event, then salons will not be able to provide you their services as they have fixed opening hours. A freelance MUA will come to your getting ready location at your specified timings.

Get what you pay for – Salons have a list of services mentioned in thie profile, but you can't be sure whether the artist attending you is capable of delivering those services or not. Whereas, freelance makeup artists portray what they know and are expert in their field of knowledge, delivering high quality results that you can rely on.

Innovative approach – Due to the competition between freelance MUA's, they keep on working to make their portfolio better, innovating in makeup, hair styling and nail techniques. In this competition, you're the ultimate winner as you get to choose from a lot of techniques and enjoy the innovative and unique looks your freelancer with give you.

Elleziba makes all these things possible. Just register yourself and get the beautification started.